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Our Family`s Roots

What we take the most pride in, is our almost century-long existence and roots which date all the way to 1927. Although today we are the example of a reliable brand and the leader in the industry, our beginnings were small and humble.


As we already mentioned, our company was founded back in 1927 in Berlin when a pharmacist named Arthur Gotthilf choose to start a family business with his two sons. This knowledgeable man together with his two sons Wolfgang and Thomas named their company Gotthilf Pharma and started producing creams, capsules, and tablets for medical purposes.

        Although the business was going great, during the Second World War, the Gotthilf pharmacy was demolished. During that period, the same thing happened to most of the business. The situation was helpless, and the times were anything but easy.


Luckily, two decades after the initial opening, in 1947, the Gotthilf pharmacy was re-established and reopened for business. After the war and the fresh start, the pharmacy saw a big boom in business. Year after year, with a lot of passion and dedication, it became an international distributor of pharmaceutical goods for various companies including global players such as Boehringer which even today is considered as a leader on the market.


On the road paved with challenges and obstacles, we`ve found our way towards becoming the company we are today. We`ve merged passion and tradition with modernization and technology.


Decades after our beginning, in 1988 we`ve gained the title of being a well-established, trusted and recognized the company in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout the years, we`ve remaining one of Germany`s main distributors but also spread our business to the middle east too.


Everything we`ve achieved so far was because of our core values and principles which are still valid even today. Yes, this started as a family business. Back in the days such as now, we aimed to create a trustworthy and reliable bond with our customers and truly listen to their needs.


Gotthilf 1927 is associated with natural and pure products only, and it is one of the main leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Innovation Company

Besides Gotthilf 1927, over time, we`ve also developed an innovative branch of our company.  We`ve established this “extended arm of our long history” simply because we wanted a “pair of brand new eyes” to look into our products.


Our innovation company is engaged in doing market research and even more, it is focused on direct cooperation with customers. This allows us to perfectly tailor each product and make it flawless according to the wishes of our users.


As we`ve said before, we always strive to grow and improve, and the goal of this young startup is to provide a new and innovative approach.