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Dr. Gotthilf Best 4 - Worldwide patent

How many times have you had a hand full of supplements, vitamins and minerals, and versatile nutrients? Every morning the same story. Instead of starting your morning right, you are on to the task of swallowing pills which are indeed vital for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Besides you, how about your kids and seniors?

We at Gotthilf have thought about this delicate problem and came up with a solution, or more precisely, three of them – Gotthilf Best4.  Choosing one of these products equals drinking the nutrients instead of swallowing them which is a much safer alternative.

Firstly, we must say there is no chemical reason happening in the body or more specifically in the stomach area. And secondly, because of the liquid state of the nutrients, there is far better absorption of ingredients.

Immun - Strong Defense Mechanisms

Choose this product and you are choosing to boost your immune system which is essential especially in times when viruses and bacteria, diseases and flues are spreading amongst people. Use the nutritional medicine we are offering in order to support your immune system. This product I packed with a multi-vitamin combo with OPC for special medical purposes.

Choose Immun and make your body “disease-proof”


Kids - Simply Strong

We are sure if there is one thing we could all agree on, it would be that children have to take all the needed vitamins and minerals in particular when growing up. However, getting them to swallow a bunch of pills might not be the most fun thing. Besides, some children when too young don’t even know how to swallow pills. These are the reasons why we`ve created Kids C plus. Our 4 chamber bottles for children contain vitamin C and D, zinc and selenium. These four micronutrients are crucial for proper growth and development. 

Choose Kids C Plus and turn the whole “taking the needed micronutrients” into a child`s play! 

Senior Plus - Active People

Our third product from the Gotthilf best 4 is the Senior Plus one which is suitable for elderly people. These bottles are packed with important nutrients for maintaining the cartilage and bones. It is not an unknown fact that over time, bone density reduces, and cartilage degenerates hence why it is so important to support and maintain these tissues. Our Senior Plus product is packed with Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and function, Curcuma which reduces inflammation, vitamin D and K, and zinc, magnesium, and manganese which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
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