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Face Serum

The latest technologies in cosmetics bring you the power of the finest vegetables, white tea, and cotton for all skin types, but especially beneficial for dry & stressed skin. The active ingredients of Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Vitamin C Face Serum hydrate the skin & provide it with the nutrition that it needs. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Vitamin C Face Serum softens fine lines & wrinkles and reduces dark spots, achieving an anti-aging effect. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Vitamin C Face Serum is 100% vegan and contains no traces of animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. This organic face serum is completely free of additives, artificial colors, fragrances, and plastic ingredients, and made using the finest quality natural ingredients.

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Eye Cream

Dr. Gotthilf uses exclusively 100% natural ingredients in all cosmetics products. All ingredients are harvested from premium quality natural sources and all products contain zero additives, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, microplastic or GMO traces. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Eye Cream combines valuable herbal oils with high-technology microalgae. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Eye Cream moisturizes your skin, softens lines around your eyes. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 uses exclusively premium quality vegan ingredients, free of synthetic ingredients, fragrances, microplastic ingredients or GMO. Dr. Gotthilf prides to be in service of health and personal development, as well as physical wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle in symphony with nature.

Day & Night Face Cream 

Dr. Gotthilf 1927 Day & Night Cream combines microalgae technology with broccoli oil, beetroot & apricot kernel oil for skin protection & smoothness. For all skin types & ages, but especially beneficial for sensitive & stressed skin. All hand-selected natural ingredients are subjected to rigorous and thorough quality testing in a certified laboratory, making sure they are 100% pure and safe for your skin. Dr. Gotthilf 1927 strictly follows the principles of eco-sustainability and eco-friendliness, with a zero-tolerance policy on animal testing and the usage of synthetic agents.

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